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Cyprus is back in Eurovision and back with a national final for the first time since 2011. In 2012 Ivi Adamou was internally selected but people had a say on the song and she La la laed her way to Baku. Despite being a hot favorite she only managed 16th place. The year after Despina Olympiou was graceful and elegant, internally selected both song and artist, but failed to make the final and Cyprus stayed home from Copenhagen.
But now folks, it all changes: 60 songs and semifinals and who knows what before we get to know the Cypriot entrant in Vienna. Judging the number of Swedish-Cypriot collaborations among the songs it's going to be more la la la oriented stuff. Maybe. Among the composers we have also previous glories Mike Connaris, Zinon Zintilis and Constantinos and among the singers a finalist from The Voice of Greece. Previous Eurovision entrants Elena Patraklou, Alex Panayi and beforementioned Despina Olympiou will be in the special jury that will sort out the finalists. Televised audition shows will kick off December 7, 2014.... And yes, it's good to see so many songs in Greek in the list :-)

01. Yuri Melikov – Victorious 

02. Anastasia Liberow – Unicorn 
03. Lucy Sofroniou – Lonely
04. Olivia Sofocli – Miracle
05. Nelena Paparisva – Run Run Run
06. Valence – Scared
07. Flirt – Let Your Mind Free
08. Nicolas Leventis – Chlomi Selini (Pale Moon)
09. Yannis Karayannis – One thing I should have done 
10. Kostas Karaiskos – Rainbow
11. Minus One – Shine
12. Hovig – Stone in a river
13. Eva Diva – Come and fight for freedom
14. ApolloNia – Don’t Give Up On Me (Just Yet)
15. Yorgos Kyriakos – Shake Dat
16. Christina Papaioannou – You can’t stop love
17. Emily Charalampous – Right In
18. Nicolas Mavromichalis – Ena Kafe Mazi (A coffee together)
19. Panagiotis Koufogiannis (Without Your Love)
20. Doody – Magic
21. Myria Pampori – Find Me
22. Elena Panayi – No money No honey
23. Kostas archontous – Steko Akoma (Still standing)
24. Maria Evangelou – Still
25. Maria Evangelou – Play me like a pop song
26. Chrystalla Patsia feat. DJ Cyprus Karaviotis – My aura is bright
27. Pieros Kezou - Said it all before
28. Adrenaline by Kristi Koupatos – Live your myth
29. Stephano Prunabelli – Call on love
30. Stephano Prunabelli – March to doubt
31. Ioanna Protopapa – Beat of my heart
32. Stella Esmeralda Konstantinou – World One
33. Eleni Heracleous – Dawn
34. Evagoras Evagorou – Chorevo Mambo (Dancing Mambo)
35. Maria Pavlou – Tha sou tragoudiso (I will sing for you)
36. Lady Ava – Until the end of time
37. Nikos Trikki – Eimai edo (I’m here)
38. Gore Melian – Your Love
39. Konstantinos Michaeloudis – Stand Up
40. Christos Rialas – Meine (Stay)
41. Charis Savva & Nearchos Evangelou – Deila den agapo
42. Lady Ava – The key is love
43. Eleni Savva – Real You
44. Eleonora – Heaven on earth
45. Lefki Stylianou – All in love
46. Stella Stylianou – Tha gino ouranos
47. Stella Stylianou – Thelo na chatho
48. Christodoula Tsaggara – Kori tis mesogeiou
49. Lefki Stylianou – Lonely nights
50. Christina Matsa – I don’t know
51. Dimitris Iakovou – When I look at you
52. Josef Charalampous – Call for me
53. Josef Charalampous – I wanna dance (I say tempo)
54. Groove Therapy – #Is this real life
55. Yorgos Moesis, Maria Moskofian, Christiana H”Ioordanous
 - Sailing ships, pirates and dragons
56. Christina Tselepou – In these arms
57. Konstantina Georgiou – When we used to be
58. Ifigeneia Loukaedou feat. Lyrical Eye – Remember my love
59. Marios Liasides – Just another guy
60. Neofytos Stratis – Rebound

There will be seven audition shows for the 60 hopefuls and the 60 will become 20 for two more shows and finally only six will make the final on February 1, 2015 where the winner will be chosen with 50/50 televoty/jury voting.

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