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Kirsten Joy has submitted a song - clearly the best one so far if you ask this blogger! - to the Swiss selection, One life. Born in South Africa to missionary parents she describes herself today "culturally confused", thus being a perfect represent for Switzerland! Her name might ring a bell to some of you and yes, she's no stranger to television nor competitions. But now it's all about Eurovision and she sat down to tell a bit more about herself to all of you. Here goes: 

Kirsten, from South Africa via UK to Vienna 2015? 
Yeah...long story, lol!
Describe Kirsten in five words: 
Culturally confused, singing, pink* lover.
(*as in the colour although I do like Pink the artist...OK way too many words!)
How about your professional CV. You have a lot of experience of various kind, don't you? From backing some major names to singing demos and releasing your first EP. What's next?
Yes, I've been very fortunate to have some pretty cool opportunies over the past few years, including releasing my own EP 'Written in the Sky' and that's what it's all about for me – doing my own music. What's next? An album!!
And how did you get involved with this Eurovision project?
Through vocal coach/songwriter/author (I've probably missed out something there!) and all round talented guy – Joshua Alamu.
Tell us about your song One life
It's a song that really resonates with me and my journey so far. There are always so many ups and downs, but it's finding it in you to keep believing you can achieve your dreams in life.
Have you heard any of the other songs sent in for Switzerland? There are quite a few songs from UK (and countless other countries, too). What makes the British songwriters turn into other countries?
I haven't heard any of the other track mind! I suppose in general the British public aren't as 'into' Eurovision as a lot of Europe is. Boooo!
Let's talk about Eurovision a little. Do you know what you are getting into?
Haha (nervous laughter...)
Are you a fan?
It's gone full circle for me. I loved it as a child, went off it as a teen and now I'm back to where I started....loving it!
What is your all time favorite Eurovision song?
Euphoria - Loreen
And the most memorable Eurovision performance?
The old Russian ladies? I don't think I'll ever forget that haha!
An Eurovision song from previous years you would have wanted to sing yourself?
Probably Euphoria that tune!
Have you been to Vienna before?
Last but not least, do you like Sachertorte?
Definitely just had to google what that is....OMG it looks amazing!! I can't see what's not to like about it! Take me to Vienna...
How would you convince Blogilkar readers to vote for you?
Pretty please, with a big fat cherry on top?
Thank you Kirsten for this interview and best of luck!
No, thank YOU :) x.

The submission of songs in Switzerland ends October 27, and the voting starts on November 3, 2014. 
Vote One life, vote Kirsten Joy!
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