Sunday, October 05, 2014


Jalisse is back. Or at least trying to be. Ever since they won Sanremo 1997 and for some reason the Italian media decided to put them down and snob them every possible way (There's even a book written about it, Valeria Ducato's I Jalisse, che fine hanno fatto? or Jalisse, whatever happened to them?). Over the years they have released songs following their excellent debut album including the Sanremo winner and Italy's Eurovision 1997 entry Fiumi di parole, but to be honest, the material they have released hasn't been up to the standard of the debut album that was indeed something unique; fresh and original topped with interesting arrangement and production topped with Alessandra's crystallic voice.
It's no secret they have tried to get back to Sanremo without luck, and even to Eurovision via San Marino's 2008 selection but nothing. The final slap in face must have been Alessandra's participation in The Voice where none of the judges wanted her.... And that happened this year! But it was all almost forgiven after their visible embarrassment when they realized who she was!
But Jalisse has continued to make music, worked in various projects with children and human rights and continue to enjoy fame abroad if not in Italy all these years. Besides getting married and having a couple of kids, that is. 
Their new song L'Alchimista, per sempre tuo Cavaliere was written for the World Day of the Knights on September 20, 2014 and winner of the Song of the Knight project competition for new authors. It recalls the themes of friendship, solidariety, gallantry, kindness, respect and love, values that often are neglegted by all of us. The song will have a worldwide promotion so let's hope Jalisse will finally strike back and show the Italian media they are/were not only one hit wonders, or even one-hit-copycats as it is claimed in Italy.... 

You can also show support in their new Facebook page here

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