Thursday, October 23, 2014


Marco Mengoni is not standing still. His recently launched application for Apple and Android users has already over 20.000 downloads and right there in that platform he has announced a new release for January 2015 making #quellochesarà (#whatwillbe) a top trend in Italy within minutes. What it is remains yet a secret, or rather Marco himself isn't yet quite sure what or how it will be:
"How it will be I don't know exactly yet" he says in his statement. "But I can tell it's one project in two parts, the journey continues. Today more than ever an album seems like a playlist of situations."
The new project will be highly innovative and differs from anything proposed so far. "The playlist is still in the writing and in continuous evolution and will be in two parts that will presented to the public with a time interval," he concludes. 
Time will tell what it is, maybe an album that includes a code to download new songs to it in the future one by one as Mengoni gets them recorded, or...? Or simply a double album? Or a triple? Or... (the fans speculate) maybe a total of 24 songs divided on three albums as new songs, covers, live versions. Or... the same album in Italian, Spanish and English versions considering the previous  #8suoniper3colori..... 
Meanwhile the presales for his #MengoniLive2015 tour in May are proceeding well and there's no sign of his success and following calming down. And that's essential. 

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