Saturday, October 25, 2014


YLE might keep tightlipped about the songs and artists but has revealed the production team for the shows and it looks very, very promising. This time there won't be judges but YLE has hired some major names for the show. And two of them come from Krista Siegfrid's winning team, Elias Koskimies and Reija Wäre.

Artistic producer Elias Koskimies, where to start? He's a director, script writer, author. He has been behind some major TV success stories over the years from satire series to movies and hit productions like Dancing with stars, Robinson, Queer eye for a straight guy, Popstars. Päivät kuin unta film got Prix Europa nomination. His shortfilm I've only just begun got the attention of Madonna besides winning several awards in the US, Finland and Serbia in film festivals being a major Youtube sensation. He was also voted Homo of the year in 2014 QX Gay Gala. For Eurovision people he's best known for directing the Krista Siegfrids videos Marry me, Amen and Can you see me.
This year he also published a partly autobiological book Ihmepoika (Wonderboy) (which this blogger hasn't yet read and makes a mental note to get it asap!)

Show director Reija Wäre is a dancer, director and choreographer who brought us the Eurovision lesbian kiss in Krista Siegfrids'a act. She has been directing and choreographing for theater, television and films and will be in charge directing the artists and the presenters. 

Director Juha-Matti Valtonen is a multicamera wizard. He has been directing Idols, Top Model, Dancing on Ice just a name some "minor" shows. His aim is to use the cameras the best possible way getting all the show elements on screen. 

YLE has been promising a great shows and with this team how could they go wrong? The artists will be presented in January live online and the shows start in February heading for a March final where the Finnish represent for Vienna 2015 Eurovision will be selected with televote only. 

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