Friday, October 03, 2014


Valentina Monetta triumphed in sold out charity concert in Teatro Titano in San Marino on September 30, 2014 with all profit donated to Caritas to help families in economical difficulties. The concert, directed by Fabrizio Raggi, featured besides Valentina most of the cast on her latest album Sensibilità from Off Course Big Band to Banda Militare della Repubblica di San Marino, from Corale San Marino choir to Sarah Jane Ghiotti and Mirco Moroncelli, and of course Valentina's own band. Further local acts included Giulia and Elisa Lazzarini as well as comedian Elisa Manzaroli. Unfortunately Joshua De Cadenéx was unable to leave London and join Valentina on stage in A kiss calls the event a delirium and Valentina at her best praising her voice and stage presense and the skilled musicians who enchanted the public to thunderous applauses all through the show. The concert that was ment to celebrate and tribute her success in the Eurovision song contest and her album turns almost into a farewell and salute due to her imminent departure for new adventures abroad. It was also remarkable how deep the bond between the local artists is, not only musically but also in friendship level and the evening really showcased the best San Marino has to offer and was truly a cause of pride and admiration for the locals. A night to remember for those who were lucky enough to be present.!
The concert was a collaboration between Comites San Marino, SMRTV (hopefully they will broadcat the recording soon!), the Secretary of State for Culture and the Italian Embassy. You can watch SMRTV's newsflash here (in Italian). 

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