Saturday, October 25, 2014


Emma admits in an interview with La Stampa she has committed mistakes in her career, including Eurovision:

"I think I held my head high, both in English and in the environment, and I have respect for all technicians. The dress you can like it or not but I wanted to provoke, I like to stand out. Eurovision is a very political program. I realized that I still have time to make it abroad, I have to prepare myself, I have made ​​mistakes of valutation and fatigue. I have so much to learn. It 's easy to act cool at home. But no skirts anymore, I'm better with pants and now I go every day to the gym."

In the rest of ot he interview she talks about her career, being 30 and having no life outside work and thinking at 30 she can't say "no" yet to many things careerwise. 
She has many haters and many people don't like her, thinking she is a wannabe and opportunist. She says she's humble, but knows what she's worth and works hard. She buys and listen albums of all the others to hear what they are doing. Without ambitions there's no stimulation.
She's also asked how come the other reality and Sanremo winners haven't managed to keep their career going she says winning Sanremo for example isn't a passepartout for eternity. Your team is also very important: manager, producers, record company and most of all destiny. 
She has surely kept her career going: a live CD/DVD is being released shortly and she's about to kick off her third tour in 2014 next month! And here's a teaser of her new single. 

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