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Katerina is another British based artist trying her luck in the Swiss selection and being a multitalented all around artist of Greek Cypriot background she would fit nicely in the long string of foreign artists who have represented the multicultural Switzerland. She's a girl with a motto, an ex-footballer, practical joker and big Eurovision fan. Her entry is  Love tonight She was kind enough to have a little chat with your truly. Here:

Singer, dancer, actress, choreographer... what else is Katerina?
Clever question! I sometimes like to think I am great cook, if that counts!

Tell us a bit about the private Katerina, your background etc.
I come from a Greek Cypriot background of two brothers and a sister, born and raised in Tottenham, north London. That being said, I have seven nieces and a nephew which keep me on my toes. I am a very creative person that enjoys fashion, music as well as history. My cheeky side enjoys making practical jokes. I used to play football at a very young age but chose the performing arts career instead. I enjoy the balance of teaching as well as performing, which is great knowing I inspire my students.

Are you now aiming for a career as a singer or is this just a project among others?
Being a singer and performing has always been my main career goal to achieve, ever since I was a little girl, growing up watching Micheal Jackson, Britney Spears and Celine Dion. I believe that waiting for when you are ready is the best thing to do. I have been fortunate enough to have experienced all aspects of performing to a certain degree.

How did you get involved with this Eurovision Switzerland affair?
Singer/Songwriter/Producer Ramzi, who is just a sheer musical genius wrote and produced the song ’Love Tonight’ had a vision for Eurovision to create something, and it all started from there really.

Tell us about your song Love tonight
When Ramzi came up with ’Love Tonight’ he wanted to create something that I could relate to. With the upbeat dance pop sound, It’s close to home to dance away and enjoy the lyrical content of just celebrating, letting go, enjoying life and love.

Let's talk about Eurovision a little. Do you have previous experience and do you know what you are getting into?
Ah! This is my first time so I am new to this however I have watched the Eurovision growing up, so I am excited. I keep saying ’wow! It could be me!’

Are you a fan?
Big fan! I like watching different countries within Europe uniting to enjoy the power of music. And what these countries have to offer musically.

What is your all time favorite Eurovision song?
I have two all time favorite Eurovision songs. However I have to hand it to, Olsen Brothers ’Fly on the wings of love’ I was only 10, but it stayed with me throughout!

And the most memorable Eurovision performance?
Wow, tough question! There have been quite a few performances that have been so memorable. Hard to pick one.

An Eurovision song from previous years you would have wanted to sing yourself?
Loreen's ’Euphoria’. Stunning song and performance! To me it was sheer perfection!

Have you been to Vienna before?
Never been to Vienna before, so I hope next time I get asked this question I can turn around and say ’Yes, for the Eurovision!’

Your motto is ”Don't fit in, stand out!”. What are you going to do to stand out in Vienna should you get that far?
I would like to think my strength in choreography can play a part into standing out as it will not be just me singing and dancing but it will also be my choreography. My motto was a key thing in growing up and what I went through, so I try to keep that a constant reminder to myself in all I do.

Last but not least, do you like Sachertorte?
I love anything that involves Chocolate! I have a very bad sweet tooth!

The submission period in Switzerland has now ended. The online voting starts next week. 
(From next Monday, November 3, that is!)

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