Thursday, October 16, 2014


Krista Siegrids and her boyfriend of ten years Janne Grönroos were holidaying in Maldives when he finally popped the well prepaired question on a paradise beach and in the end of a dock on his knee.
He managed to invite her to that dock by leaving a letter in their hotel room and it seems it really worked the way it was supposed to be: super romantic and memorable. As a proper gentlemen he had asked permission from her parents and her sister had helped picking up the perfect ring. She didn't need time to think but answered "Hell, yeah!" immediately while wiping off tears of joy. The night of October 13 continued with a dinner by the sea under the starry sky. 
The couple was supposed to be on this holiday to celebrate their 10th anniversary but later Janne told he had finally managed to gather enough money to buy the ring after he wasted all his money on voting Krista to win first UMK and then in the Eurovision .... Ding dong and congrats Krista and Janne!!!

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