Sunday, October 26, 2014


Alice released her Samsara album two years ago, her first album with original songs in 14 years and to the immense joy of her fans she's not taking another 14 years but the follow up Weekend will be released in a couple of weeks! Even Samsara included a cover and hommages to late Lucio Dalla and late Giuni Russo, while Tiziano Ferro and Franco Battiato among others wrote new songs especially for her. Alice herself also returned as an author (something she should do much more, if you ask this blogger as her self written songs are usually fantastic). 
We know about the new album that it includes two songs by Franco Battiato - the big question is are the songs the ones she proposed to Sanremo 2014 and was not accepted? (And did she really propose after all?) The first single is out and it's another cover that fits her like a glove, almost like if it was written for her, Tante belle cose, originally by Francoise Hardy (more about that later when the video is released). 
Between the albums she has dueted with Luca Carboni (Farfalla) and Mario Venuti (Tutto appare) and it would be nice if the songs are included but I doubt it. She was also a guest in Franco Battiato's concerts and live album with Antony & The Johnsons (La realtà non esiste and I treni di Tozeur). 
While waiting let's enjoy once again this magnificient album Samsara. Original or covers, Alice has the capacity of making them Alice songs giving them a different air. Listen to all songs and versions below:

Morire d'Amore (Di Martino)
Nata ieri (Ferro)
Orientamento (Alice)
Eri con me (Battiato-Sgalambro)*
Un mondo a parte (Di Martino)
Come il mare feat. Mino Di Martino (Di Benedetto-Di Martino)
Cambio casa (Ferro-Iorfida)**
Il cielo (Bardotti-Baldazzi-Reververi-Dalla)***
Sui giardini del mondo (Alice-Pancaldi)
Autunno già (Di Benedetto-Di Martino)
'A cchiù bella (De Curtis-Russo-Sisini)****
Al mattino (Boldrini-Francesio)*****

*Eri con me - Franco Battiato's own version released later
**Tiziano Ferro has recorded his version of the song in his worthcoming greatest hits
***Lucio Dalla's original 
****Giuni Russo's original 
*****I Califfi's original

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