Thursday, October 16, 2014


The Sanremo gossiping and rumoring is at full forse less than two months before the names will be out. This week, to the horror of most Italian Eurovision fans, rather reliable source TV Sorrisi e Canzoni magazine revealed a list of names, most of them from various reality shows and appealing to the youngters: Valerio Scanu, Marco Carta, Clementino, Dear Jack, Alessandra Amoroso, Kekko Silvestre (of Modà) as a singer or writer for Dear Jack or/and Amoroso, Annalisa Scarrone.... but also old glories Marco Masini, Irene Grandi and most of all Dolcenera - that most seem to think very suitable for Eurovision, too, including this blogger. She won Sanremo newcomers back in 2003 with Siamo tutti lá fuori and has since matured a very strong and interesting artist. 
We can't forget Marco Carta already won in 2009 with La forza mia fresh from Amici reality success, idem for Valerio Scanu and Per tutte le volte che the year after. All these youngsters have a very active fan base that can have a significant weight in televoting. 
It is good to keep in mind these names come up every year in rumors and then usually the final list is very different from what we have expected - at least at this point....
Giusy Ferreri instead seems to have declined the offer of a song written for her by Christiano Malgioglio and it remains to be seen if she will propose something else to the jury. 
Two names outside the box are Alice and Paola Turci, both real veterans and working on a new albums. Turci has been trying to get back to Sanremo the past years without luck, maybe this time it will work out? Alice was heavily rumoured to have applied last year with a song written by Franco Battiato and was not accepted by Fazio's team. Will Conti makes it up for her this time? After all, she hasn't been so keen on going to Sanremo so once she is willing.... 
Anyways, the songs will be hand picked by a jury made of host Carlo Conti, composer Giovanni Allievi, musician Sergio Conforti (aka Rocco Tanica of Elio e Le storie tese who then won't be in Sanremo 2015, phew), presenter and actress Caroline Di Domenico, conductor Pinuccio Pierazzoli, author Ivana Sabatini and Rai1's head of entertainment Claudio Fasulo. Most likely they will be also in charge of choosing the Italian entrant for Eurovision in case the eventual winner declines the offer to go to Vienna. The artists and the song titles will be announced on December 16, 2014. 
But one thing is sure; singing nun Suor Cristina won't be in Sanremo nor Eurovision. Amen.

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