Sunday, October 23, 2016


There was not a shadow of doubt in this blogger's mind Margaret would walk this with Cool me down. And she does bring Poland its first ever victory. Sweden once again scores well with the fans placing second (which this blogger doesn't understand) but the rest of the top is rather in line what I thought. Finland's Mikael Saari did better than I believed and Switzerland's Vincent Gross way too low for my liking....  Check out the full results after the jump

Poland: Margaret – “Cool Me Down” (277 points)
Sweden: Wiktoria – “Save Me” (244 points)
Israel: Ella Daniel – “Somebody Out There” (190 points)
Italy: Patty Pravo – “Cieli Immensi” (165 points)
Norway: The Hungry Hearts ft. Lisa Dillan – “Laika” (137 points)
Estonia: Laura – “Supersonic” (120 points)
Rest of the World: Kállay Saunders Band – “Who We Are” (120 points)
Finland: Mikael Saari – “On It Goes” (119 points)
Ukraine: The Hardkiss – “Helpless” (101 points)
Germany: Avantasia – “Mystery of a Blood Red Rose” (86 points)
Spain: María Isabel – “La vida solo es una” (84 points)
Denmark: Anja Nissen – “Never Alone” (68 points)
United Kingdom: Bianca – “Shine a Little Light” (49 points)
Malta: Brooke – “Golden” (46 points)
Austria: Elly V – “I’ll Be Around (Bounce)” (45 points)
Belgium: Tom Frantzis – “I’m Not Lost” (22 points)
Latvia: MyRadiantU – “We Will Be Stars” (14 points)
Romania: Florena – “Behind The Shadows” (6 points)
Lithuania: Erica Jennings – “Leading Me Home” (5 points)
Slovenia: Raiven – “Crno bel” (6 points)
Switzerland: Vincent Gross – “Half a Smile” (7 points)
Albania: Besa Krasniqi – “Liroje zemrën” (2 points)
Belarus: NAPOLI – “My Universe” (1 point)

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