Monday, October 24, 2016


Let's have a listen to some of the entries running for the six places in the next Sanremo festival in the Newcomers section.

Alberto Guarrasi aka APE'H, singer-violinist is back as solo this time with Proteggimi, a tender ballad. He has tried to get to Sanremo twice before with his ex-band Motovario.
Cantiere 164 is an alternative rock band from Savona with touch of grunge, post punk and Italian singer-songwriter tradition. Their Se chiudi gli occhi is a catchy pop rock tune.
Chiara Grispo is another familiar names from reality talent shows, from Amici. She tries her luck in Sanremo with Niente è impossibile, a song that could be written by Modà for Emma, and maybe it is. Catchy and easy song that she delivers with gusto.
Carola Campagna, familiar from The Voice, has already picked up various awards here and there but is now trying the definite breakthrough in Sanremo with Prima che arrivi il giorno, a classic piano driven ballad.

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