Saturday, October 08, 2016


Last month Petra Mede premiered her very first own floor show in Maxim Theater in Stockholm after being one of the most beloved comedians for over ten years. This is what she tells to QX magazine about the show, Eurovision, being Faghag and what Alcazar Andreas has thought her:
"I have had the privilege of constantly getting challenging assignments assigned to me. But I am a prophet of doom, and believe that every gig will be my last. So to my parents' joy I have always the idea to start studying to become a teacher", she jokes.
"But I have some involuntarily ended up in this fantastic slot managing large galas and events like Eurovision. I love it very much, and am so comfortable in leading an evening and being funny. But unfortunately, they are of course limited in number so I want to go on to become a stage performer, creating my own platform. And I insist on singing even though many try to thwart me!" she laughs.
"Eurovision is just about the funniest thing I have done in my life, both times. Even if it's a competition and can get very tense I only felt love from the arena. Especially this time, the script by Edward af Sillén took it to a whole new level, and you can't find anyone more professional and easier to work with than Måns Zelmerlöw, that guy has no faults!"
But how LGBTQ is the Diva? "All in all I'm pretty LGBTQ and being diva is well LGBTQ by definition. I have a part in a show where I talk about my LGBT friends. Or rather unfortunately, I almost only do that. I have been around gay people since I started dancing ballet as a kid. I used to be a Faghag x 100! And I was hopelessly in love with many of them. I've never been the prettiest of girls so going out to gayclubs felt safe, only that I never had anyone to go home with! Andreas Lundstedt (of Alcazar) is an old friend of mine, a real soulmate. One of the funniest guys in Sweden. And he's never bitter. That's something he has thought me. And how to pull the pin out of my own ass - as he'd rather have it in his!" she laughs. 

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