Monday, October 10, 2016


Marco Mengoni has finally revealed details about his November 25 release. After multiplatinum albums the circle closes with a box with two live CDs and a DVD, and also five new tracks and a duet, as he releases a new single Sai che already next week, October 14.
The album box is released in three different formats: the "simple" one with 2CDs+DVD, special one with 2CDs+DVD+the 2 previous albums Parole in circolo and Le cose che non ho + photo book. The third one is a very limited edition including all of above + extra DVD Tutto in una notte, and special gadgets and even more goodies through his App.
Sai che comes also with a video shot in five different states in the USA, reflecting the various emotions in the song from canyons to forests. The song almost forms a trilogy with his previous lead singles Guerriero and Ti ho voluto bene veramente.
In November he will also start his new tour that will reach Italy and various cities in Europe

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