Saturday, October 22, 2016


The 60 Newcomers are already online for the next Sanremo festival. Out of these the jury will select 12 in the live auditions in Rome for the prime time live show on Raiuno December 12, 2016 where six of them will qualify for the festival itself, to be joined by the two winners from AreaSanremo selection. 
It's worth remembering that according the rules this year should the eventual winner of Sanremo festival decline the Eurovision ticket, these newcomers are in game as well as Rai will pick up someone else from the festival. It might as well be the Newcomers winner just like happened with Raphael Gualazzi....
Once again many names from the other reality and talent shows: 8 are from The Voice (Alberto Guarrasi, Cristiano Turrini, Dylan Magon, Carola Campagna, Frances Alina Ascione, Francesco Guasti, Tommaso Pini, Frè Monti), also 8 from Amici, including two winners (Chiara Grispo, Gerardo Pulli, Valeria Romitelli, Julia Vertaldi, Lele, Luca Tudisca, La Rua, Martha Rossi), and Enrico Nigiotti from the X Factor. 
Other already familiar names are Lello Morra, Marianne Mirage, Gabri-El, Flo, Riky Anelli, Noemi Smorra, Marie and the Sun, and of course also the winner of Castrocaro 2016 Ethan Lara

You can listen to all their entries here

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