Friday, October 14, 2016


Cat Cat is back with a new single and a new album is on its way to celebrate their 25th year in the business. The sisters have been doing gigs all these years along with raising families and other jobs. Virpi has been through a highly public and nasty divorce from singer Tauski. She tells she sold everything but her piano and artistic wardrobe to cover the costs. But the girls don't have the legendry Dublin Eurovision 1994 dresses - YLE refuses to sell them to them. When needed they rent them and "do a watermelon diet for days" to fit back in.  
They also tell they have been asked for gigs abroad as well over the years - Spain, Sweden and Germany - for various Eurovision events but have refused so far as they feel Finland is enough. With the anniversary celebrations this might change though so you might see them somewhere next year if asked. They also tell they are more secure now than when younger and these days it's guys at gigs who strip off their shirts.....

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