Wednesday, October 26, 2016


The YLE jury has done its job and the #UMK2017 entries will be revealed on November 23. If it's like the previous years we will get full videoclips as well. The rumor is there will be only 10 of them this time around, and one off final in the end of January. 

Objetivo Eurovision returns for Spain but with some modifications. Anyone who's Spanish or has residence in Spain can send in entry for #eurocasting until November 27. Rtve will pick up 30 for the online voting. Out of these 10 will qulaify for the jury voting that picks up 3. Another online voting will pick up one for the national final to join in with the internally invited "young" artist in February. 

Armenian marathon Depi Evratesil continues each week. The first round ended with 37 qualified artists. Now in the second round each of six jurors has a chance to pick up four artists for the team and mentor them to the victory. A bit of a X Factor really it seems. 

A big chance in the Festivali i Këngës: people will actually have a say in the outcome. Previously there has only been jury. Otherwise it's as usual three day affair. 14 songs will make the final, chosen by professional jury (8), press/media (3) and public jury (3) making it a bit Sanremoesque. In the final there's 60-40 jury-televote. 

United Kingdom
UK is back with the national selection again. Anyone can send in entry (one per songwriter) until November 1. Local fans will once again have a say in the selection process. 

Czech Republic
Open call for song in Czech Republic. The one and only will be selected then internally.

Germans are back looking for young fresh talents instead of trying to get big names in the final. Open call for the artists and 30 will make it to live auditions where five will be selected. Then they are paired with songs written by top international writers and producers. The voting will be through televoting and the official Eurovision App also from abroad as well. 

Latvia will be the first country to use also Spotify data in the Supernova voting. There's 100% televote but the Spotify figures will be incorporated to that and will influence the outcome. 

Malta is doing Albania, too, and gets rid of the highly influencial jurors. They used to have 5/6 power in the outcome. Now it's time to try the televote instead. And gone is also the semifinal. Instead of 20 songs, 14 making the final, we will have only 16 final songs and that's it.

The hosting nation's online wildcard phase has closed and 39 entries are still in the running. One of them will join the other finalists, that are being selected through live auditions all over country. The 12 finalists will be announced in the end of January.  The selection is again a co-production between NTU and private STB.

Swiss SRF received 160 submissions, and now 20 will qualify for the jury check on December 4. There 6-10 entries wil be chosen for the national final. It's a move away from the different language broadcasters having their separate selections to be joined only in the final stage and confusing us all as the same songs were listen here and there. Also, there's a rule that the act must be somewhat Swiss, or at least one of the team must be from Switzerland.

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