Friday, October 28, 2016


Time for another foursome aiming to reach the top12 first and then the top6 and Teatro Ariston in Sanremo 2017, and who knows maybe even Eurovision in Kyiv?

Lelio Morra from Naples tried to get to Sanremo already last year and has a long career behind him. He's been playing in the streets, in bands, has won awards as songwriter. His song is Domani, a traditional singer-songwriter song with catchy beat.
Luca Tudisca is a Sicilian singer-songwriter who found fame in Amici. and is now looking for life after reality with Il ritrattista, a tender beautiful ballad.
Marianne Mirage is an allaround artist; actress, writer, singer, photographer and musician who has lived in London, Paris, Berlin and Turkey among other places that all have left traces in her. She has just released her debut album and is backed by Caterina Caselli's Sugar who's artists usually end up winning. One to watch out. Her entry is Le canzoni fanno male.
Marie and the Sun, or Giulia Magnani and Francesco Drovaldi, met in 2011 and have been performing together ever since. Past two years their career has taken big steps forward and they released their debut EP this year. Their song is Aeroplani

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