Thursday, October 27, 2016


Let's go on with some other entries running for SanremoNewcomers selection. Out of these 60 shortlisted 12 will make it to the live show on Raiuno in December, and six of them to Sanremo festival next February. And could also end up in Kyiv for Eurovision should the Big winner decline the offer....

Tommaso Pini is a singer-songwriter from Florence and sings Cose che danno ansia. He's also from The Voice and tried to get to Sanremo also last year. His song is.... errr, interesting?
Ethan Lara is the most recent Castrocaro winner, the contest for new talents that has given us for example Gigliola Cinquetti who went on to win Sanremo first, and Eurovision right after. He's 19 and also from Florence. His entry is Pensami, a classy and classic Sanremo song. Maybe too much so. He got a free ticket to this selection thanks to his win.
Enrico Nigiotti is from Amici, and already did Sanremo Giovani in 2015 losing to eventual winner Giovanni Caccamo in the semifinal duel. This time he tries with Cercando miracoli
Valeria (Romitelli) also tried last year but didn't make it al the way to Teatro Ariston. She's back with La vita è un'illusione. And yes, she's also done Amici. 

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