Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Australia has been in already two years and most propably will be present also in Kyiv despite launching their our Asiavision next year. The decision to invite them - or rather let them in - is highly critizised by Eurovision purists but this blogger thinks it's just fine. But I would still rather prefer a different solution.....
Now that EBU has changed the rules also on paper by 

"Associates of the EBU, outside of the European Broadcasting Area, may also be eligible to enter the Eurovision Song Contest. Such decisions are taken by the Reference Group, the governing body of the Eurovision Song Contest, on a case by case basis."

I would propose a rotation. Every year a country outside Europe that wants to take part would be invited as a special guest, just like Australia the first time. Or maybe even several depending on the number of the regular countries participating, after all the maximum is set to 46 countries by EBU. If several regulars decided to step down, why not fill their slots with others? Anyways, a regular old Eurovision countries would always have a priviledge and should not stay home and give their place to any associate unwillingly. 
Australia, Canada, USA, China, Cuba, Kazakhstan, New Zealand and South Africa might be thrilled to do so while Iran, Chile, Korea, Mauritius, Japan, Bangladesh, Japan, Malaysia and Hong Kong maybe not so much. 
For the 2017 edition apparently 40 countries have so far confirmed their participation, 42 if we count in San Marino and Australia. If there are going to be any new countries debuting they would be Kosovo and/or Kazakhstan, or both. 

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