Monday, October 31, 2016


And here are some more entries that have stuck in my head since listening to them. Out of the 61 a jury will select 12 for the live prime time tv show on December 12, and six of them will make it to Teatro Ariston. Will any of these make the cut? Check out the previous post by clicking the SANREMO banner on top. 

Marco Colonna tried his luck in X Factor but didn't make it to the live shows. But he's back with a very catchy Il cuore fa rumore.... Sounds like a summer 2017 hit already.

Flo aka Floriana Cangiano has already won awards and her singer-songwriter style meets some retro catchiness in Cassandra. Makes me think of Gerardina Trovato a bit....

Leo Stain offers Ciò che resta, I kinda liked it when hearing first but it just gets better each time. Well sung, well produced, very Sanremo in a way. But can he make the cut or disappear in the crowd?

Santiago. His La stanza was my immediate favorite and I just love it! I haven't featured it before for the simple reason I haven't found any info on him or them, Who is it? A photo? Something? Anything? Still nothng so I just have to with a huge "?" At the moment my favorite by far!

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