Sunday, May 10, 2015


After three years with Valentina Monetta - who is going to be present for the 4th year in a row as a spokesperson - San Marino sends two teenagers, San Marinese doc Anita Simoncini who just turned 16 and Italian Michele Perniola. Both have already represented the tiny country in the Junior Eurovision (Michele in 2013 with O-o-O sole intorno a me, and Anita as a member of The Peppermints in 2014 with Breaking my heart). They will be now together performing Ralph Siegel's 23rd Eurovision entry and if they make the final, his 20th finalist, Chain of lights

Michele comes from Palagiano, a small town near Taranto in the very south of Italy. He started singing at the age of nine, and at 14 won the popular Italian TV-show for kids, Ti lascio una canzone. Then the beforementioned JESC followed and now the real thing. He has released one digital EP so far. 
Anita turned 16 just in time for the Eurovison and is the youngest participant this year underlining the slogan San Marino has this year: The Youngest for the Smallest, even if Michele is only the 4th youngest this year when both Irish Molly and Israeli Nadav are younger than him in this edition of a very young Eurovision. But one record they break for sure: The youngest duet. Ever. Back to Anita. She studies in the Voice Academy in San Marino. Like Michele she aso has a passion for ballet.
Ralph Siegel has written once again an earwom that maybe doesn't hit home the first time, nor the second. But once it's in your head you can't get it out. Also the song's message, peace in the world, may seem lame and old at first sight but look around you - it's more actual than in many decades. Back in 1982 peace was the thing while we had Falkland conflict. In 2015 we have Ucraine and who knows what next. Join the chain of lights on May 21st. We all need it.
I can feel life is changin’
times are rearrangin’
in so many, many ways
let us try to make the world
a better place
build a chain of light for you 
and a chain of light for me
and believe that we can change reality

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