Sunday, July 16, 2017


 ByeAlex enjoyed Rome....
... so did Nodi
while Ilinca did Paris.
Mengoni was fangirling when he met Lauryn Hill
and Francesca met Fernando Alonso and lost her cool, too
Cezar asked the mirror Who's the prettiest of them all....
... and saw Claudia taking a selfie.
... while Eric looks more and more like Måns, doesn't he?
Dima had Christmas aka checking out the sponsor goodies. You know, more you have more you get. For free. Samples, Gifts. Stuff....
Guy had a body makeover, said goodbye to his back and hip pains and is pleased with the result. 
So are we. 
Anouk instead... well, she's got a dozen kids.
Imri's got only two. Proud uncle he is.
Litesound are just proud of themselves. Look! it's us!
Pasha is still celebrating the wedding with some stunning photos
while Il Volo took part in a charity tennis tournament
and Tooji did Pride.
Andras was getting ready for a gig....
and Gualazzi continued his tour.....
as did Gabbani. Look at that crowd! Endless.
and last but not least, OG3NE mourned their mother who lost the fight against cancer. 

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