Thursday, July 13, 2017


This song has a curious story as well. Co-writtten by Mick Jackson he recorded it in 1977 but its release was delayed due to a problem at the pressing plant and his publisher sold it to Motown without his knowledge at MIDEM. On the other hand he had hoped Stevie Wonder would record it. Instead it went to The Jacksons who released it in August 1978, just before Mick's version. Also in the UK the versions were released within a few days in September.
In the end Mick peaked at #61 and The Jacksons #54. The song did better in UK where The Jacksons scored a #8 hit with it and Mick #15. 
In 1989 Stock, Aitken and Waterman produced the song for Big Fun and scored its best placing yet:  #4 UK hit. The song has been covered countless times either live or in studio by big and not so big artists. 

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