Sunday, July 16, 2017


Not even the queen of pop has avoided recording a Motown classic. Marvin Gaye releases I want you in April 1976 and scored a #15 US hit as well as #1 in Billboard Hot r'n'b/Hip hop charts, and widened his success even to a new disco era public. 
Massive Attack was asked to participate in the Marvin Gaye tribute album in 1995 and was ment to record this with Chaka Khan. Various legal problems between labels led to Madonna, an origina Detroit girl just like Motown, to do it instead. They however never met but Madonna was so pleased with the finished product she included it in her own compilation album as well and released it even as a  promotional single and video. Legality problems between Motown and Madonna's label prevented the commercial release she would have wanted as the lead single off the album....
The song is co-written by Arthur T-Boy Ross, Diana's brother. Diana recorded her version of the song in her 2007 album....
Pet Shop Boys used the lyrics of the song in their Between two islands, and Robert Palmer, Todd Rundgren have covered the song, too. 

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