Sunday, July 02, 2017


It's Sunday and time to check another not so obvious Motown release. Today's pick is Sam Harris, the winner of the very first Star Search, a talent show way before American Idols and the rest. His rendition of Somewhere ever the rainbow gave him a deal with Motown and Sugar don't bite became a #36 hit. Relistening it now it sounds at parts very much ike Papa don't preach really. But this blogger heard and fell in love back in the day with his other single, off his second Motown album, I'd do it all again, #52 in March 1986. 
Now he's a multimillion selling artists with nine studio albums, and his Change is on the way was used to support Obama campaign. 
He has done Broadway musicals and won a Tony award, he has done television and films, and even written a book. Actor, author, producer, performer, singer. He married his producer husband in 2008 and they have an adopted a son. 

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