Sunday, July 09, 2017


Rockwell (aka Kennedy William Gordy) is true Motown royalty: he's a son of founder and CEO Berry Gordy and named after William "Smokey" Robinson. To avoid accusations of nepotism he secured his record deal without his father's knowledge and agreed to be called Rockwell instead of using his Gordy name. 
His career however idn't last long; three albums in mid 1980's and Somebody's watching me, his debut single his only real hit. The chorus is sung by Michael Jackson and no one can miss his voice really.  Additional backing vocals are by Jermaine Jackson. 
This was a #2 in the US, #6 in the UK and topped the charts in Belgium, France and Spain, while being a top-10 all over Europe and New Zealand. 
DJ Bobo used the song in his Somebody dance with me (#1 in Sweden and Switzerland among other) with various remixed and re-releases over the years, as did Beatfreakz in their pseudo-cover (#1 in Spain and charting most everywhere). Several other covers and most of sampled version have been released.... like by the Finnish  heavy band Warmen

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