Thursday, July 13, 2017


The gossip mill of the possible host for the next Sanremo festival is summer's favorite topic and it's heating up ahead of the RAI's decision and announcement. After two years with Fabio Fazio and three with highly succesful Carlo Conti RAI needs something special to secure the newfound popularity of the festival. 
In past days veteran hosts Fiorello and Amadeus have been named, as well as Fiorello's actor brother Beppe. Fazio was mentioned earlier but it seems now his new contract, even with the option for Sanremo included, will be just too busy for the 2018 edition. Paolo Bonolis has said apparently yes, but with conditons that won't be doable for the 2018 (and his schedule with the new show Music is also very tight): new venue, new modernized project altogether.
MIKA has been in the air since the last notes of Occidentali's Karma echoed away in Teatro Ariston this spring, and despite him commenting he would never do it, his name is insistent: with Antonella Clerici or with a different RAI host/hostess every night..... that option would let the RAI ladies to the stage as well...... Let's wait and see how it goes....
Meanwhile just like Eurovision song contest also Sanremo festival is still lacking dates....

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