Friday, July 21, 2017


DeBarge family from Detroit was to become the new Jackson family and released albums for Motown in early 1980's. However, Rhythm of the night in 1985 was their only Top-5 hit, #3, and is more remembered as the song that kickstarted Diane Warren's career and she has became one of the most succesful songwriters ever. The song was  co-produced by Giorgio Moroder. 
Soon after song's success El and Bunny signed solo deals with Motown, while the group was dropped after it was evident most of the members were on drugs, except El who had a zero tolerance. A few years alter it was finished altogether when Bobby and Chico were arrested for drug trafficking.... Meanwhile the liaison with Jackson family came reality when Janet married secretly James DeBarge in 1984. The marriage was annulled the year after though.
The song charted also well in Europe (UK #4).
Covers include the one by Valeria for Moulin Rouge soundtrack, 911, and in Spanish by Sophy

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