Thursday, July 20, 2017


After the success with Ashford & Simpson produced and penned The Boss Diana wanted to make a new album with the Chic members Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, after seeing them in concert with her daughters. They had seen three drag queens perform as Diana in a night club and it was getting clear Diana was about to leave Motown so they came up with I'm coming out. The song became a #5 hit in US and #13 in UK in 1980, but it's true power would reveal itself only in the years to come.
Since 1980 Diana has basicly opened every concert of her with it in one form or another. And most of all the song has become a real LGBT anthem, underlining the coming out theme and significance. The song has been covered and sampled by many and used in films and advertising and in various campaign but it remains a true Diana Ross signature song. 
And how could we forget the iconic NYC Central Park concert in the storm?

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