Sunday, July 16, 2017


Surprising hot rumors from Italy: Pippo Baudo could return to Sanremo with Mika and Virginia Raffaele with him. 
Mika has been rumored since spring and his Stasera Casa Mika entertainment show on Rai 2 that was a success in late 2016. The second season is to be aired this fall. 
Virginia Raffaele, comedienne, has been present in the past two festivals with a great success and would fit in nicely for the third year as well.
The real surprise would be the return of Pippo Baudo (81). No one can deny his success with the festival as the host and artistic director in the past, and the list of artists he has discovered and made stars is a very long one. He has hosted the festival 13 times (1968, 1984-85, 1987, 1992-96, 2002-03, 2007-08). 
This would surely be an interesting trio with a real veteran to whom hosting the five nights might just be a bit too much in his tender age, a rather new one with not so much experience holding a hours long live show and a crazy showgirl who can pull a trick or two out of her sleeve.... 

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