Saturday, November 05, 2016


Here's a little round up what's going in Ukraine lately around Eurovision song contest 2017 preparations.... All more in detail here. This blogger is sure everything will be fine in the end and yes, there's light in the end of the Tunnel of love, a place everyone going to Ukraine should go and experience.

After Zurab Alasiania, Head of NTU resigned from his job last week and Eurovision 2017 preparations as a protest of budget cuts, the Mayor of Kyiv appeals to Cabinet of ministers to appoint a new Head as soon as possible.  EBU stated this has no effect on the preparations.
Apparently also Victoria Romanova submitted resignation letter but Alasania refused to sign it so she's stuck with it. Instead the people working on ESC will get an extra 5000 euros/month bonuses, a trick to keep them working?
Previous Eurovision winner Ruslana stepped out and gave a speech full of fire and states nothing can stop Ukraine having and organizing the contest next May and offered her help.
Few days later the government approved NTU's proposal to count the Eurovision 2017 budget separately from the Public Broadcaster's after all - the very reason Alasania resigned.
Six months to go and IEC tells there's still no official contract nor technical project received from NTU so that they could really start working on details and renovations. According Alasania the preparations are two months late and the government has no real interest in the contest. (Sounds like 2005 doesn't it?)
Minister of Culture Ievhen Nyschuk steps out telling he takes a personal responsability of the organisation even if it really isn't his task at all.
Meanwhile at least the design of the contest is going on: the bid for the logo, the sublogo and the slogan was launched some time ago, and now the stage design bid has also been officially launched, as is for the official tour operator. The organisation team and people from the city of Kyiv are working on Eurovision village and Opening ceremony projects as well. 

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