Thursday, November 03, 2016


Yle's Nenäpäivä aka Red nose charity event included tonight a live broadcast on YLE1 and online from Helsinki's Musiikkitalo with Radio Symphony Orchestra and several artists giving a go of Finnish Eurovision classics. 
To make the event even more special was the reunion of Eurovision song contest 2007 hosts Mikko Leppilampi and Jaana Pelkonen. Mikko has continued his career as a tv-hosts and movie actor and is a regular hosting popular series and big events. Jaana has moved on from entertainment to politics and is today a MP. In the last parliament elections she was the most voted female member in the whole country and was tipped to become a minister but that hasn't happened yet. Wouldn't she be a great minister of culture for example? Now it looks pretty much like she's pregnant in her glittering long dress. Congratulations!!!
Anyways, a nice evening with great songs and stories of children of the world in need and stories how they have been helped the last ten years. One can only wonder why some artists weren't there? Were they not invted? Wanted? Didn't want or couldn't give their precious time for free for charity?
Kojo was seen in a video telling about his Nuku pommiin, shot in a rubbish dump and how the lyrics of the song are more actual today than ever. Then the song was featured in a totally new arrangement featuring Mira Luoti as a videoclip.
Mikko Leppilampi imitated PKN's Aina mun pitää to Jaana's horror at some point. later she asked if Mikko, who's also done some singing, is interested in Eurovision as an artist and he said a firm "no". 
Katri Helena belted out Katson sineen taivaan with the big orchestra, the only proper way for this now evergreen! After that guitarist Marzi Nyman offered us an instrumental Never the end, a song that seems to be pretty much forgotten these days...... Emma Salokoski paid tripute to late Lasse Mårtensson and his Laiskotellen. Diandra did the same to late Kirka and his Hengaillaan. She also opened the evening with Vicky Rosti's Sata salamaa. Sadly Marion wasn't there (or invited) and her Tipitii was performed by Rajaton. Strangly Sandhja wasn't there either but Maria Ylipää did her song.  Earlier she did also Ami Aspelund's Fantasiaa. It sounded uite different with the orchestra....
Unlike previously advertised Mr Lordi was not present to hard rock hallelujah but one of the Rajaton guys did it and it sounded great with the orchestra!

Update: Over 230.000 euros were collected during the show!

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