Saturday, November 26, 2016


Two weeks to go for the announcements of the Sanremo artists, and finding out who are the Newcomers finalists. The rumour mill is running wild as always and some new names have entered the speculation in the past days. 
Ermal Meta could finally move among the Big ones after ebing in Newcomers last year (and twice before with various bands), Sanremo winner and Eurovision veteran Enrico Ruggeri is named again as a possible one, Al Bano really wants to celebrate his 50th anniversary of his first big success in Sanremo, Francesco Renga and Renzo Rubino could be back, too.
Some names that have been missing for some time could reappear invited by Carlo Conti: Syria, Paolo Vallesi, Mietta, Mariella Nava, Marco Masini, Jalisse, Ricchi e Poveri, Zarrillo, Ron, New Trolls, Paola Turci, Annalisa Mnetti, Dirotta su Cuba, Nomadi....
The duo that comes up every year is back this year, too: Anna Tatangelo & Gigi D'Alessio. Another possible duos might be Elodie & Fabrizio Moro, and Bianca Atzei & Gianluca Grignani
Imitation variety show Tale e Quale show (in Spain Tu cara me suena could bring the winner Deborah Iurato and other successes Silvia Mezzanotte and beforementioned Bianca Atzei to Sanremo as well. I would love to see also a surprise like Davide Merlini....
Then we have also The Kolors rumored again. The behaviour of the singer hasn't really done any good for them and they might need a reality check and boost for their second album and bend their rules and sing in Italian to save their career. 
Other surprises could be Stefano Picchi, L'Aura, Baby K, Lodovica Comello.
Some names are already taken for granted: Giusy Ferreri, Chiara Galiazzo, Fiorella Mannoia, Francesco Gabbani, Francesco Sarcina, Clementino or Nesli... and also Eurovision veteram Raphael Gualazzi is now also listen among them while another Eurovision star Nina Zilli has confirmed she's not going to be there.....

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