Tuesday, November 08, 2016


In three weeks we will know the participating artists for the 2017 Melodifestivalen and the rumour mill is going wild in Sweden as usual. While names like Ace Wilder, Wiktoria, Mariette, Lisa Ajax, Robin Bengtsson, Boris René and Elisa Lindström are rumored to be back along with newcomers The Fooo Conspiracy, Ida LaFontaine, Axel Schylström, John Lundvik and Alice Svensson the most curious rumour is about Tommy Körberg teaming up with Dead by April! Now that sounds interesting....
However, the only sure name in the line up remains Les Gordons, thnk to Svensktoppen Nästa. 
Apparently Christer Björkman wants both Wiktoria and Mariette in but they both seem to be missing the right song still. He also wanted The Fooo Conspiracy already in for 2016 but they said Nej tack and tried to break through in the US instead. Now they are available... 
Tommy and DbA have indeed recorded a song but Tommy hasn't yet agreed to present it in Melodifestivalen but Christer wants it. And usually what he wants he gets.... Also SVT is doing anything to get the two time winner in again.
Lisa Ajax's song is written by Ola Svensson it seems. And Ace Wilder teams up with Thomas G:son.

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