Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The biggest and best by some, the rather annoying and plastic filled musically often not-so-great national final has revealed its cards for the next season. These Melodifestivalen 2017 entries made the cut amongst the 2.478 submitted entries along with the ones the producitoon team invited and encouraged to send a bit.  Clara Henry, David Lindgren and Hasse Andersson will be hosting the shows this time.
Among the songwriters we have Thomas G:son (four songs), Tim Schou, Dr Alban, Ola Salo and Robin Stjernberg,  and among singers 87-year debutant Ove, Finnish Krista Siegfrids and Juha Mulari, ten songs in Swedish (curiously by the veterans Charlotte, Roger and Krista among others).

It seems Charlotte decided to jump in about two weeks ago only but Loreen beats her by doing so only this Monday.... Charlotte also says Melodifestivalen and her self penned song is like therapy.... Both previous Eurovision winners are not thinking about winning this time but just having an experience. Right. And The Fooo Conspiracy loses one member as Oscar Molander has left the group.
Göteborg February 2:
Adrijana - Amare
Boris Rene - Her kiss
Nano - Hold on
Charlotte Perrelli - Mitt liv
Dinah Nah - One more night
De Vet Du - Roadtrip
Ace Wilder - Wild child
Malmö February 11:
Mariette - A million years
Benjamin Ingrosso - Good lovin'
Dismissed - Heart align
Roger Pontare - Himmel och hav
Lisa Ajax - I don't give a
Etzia - Up
Allyawan - Vart har du varit
Växjö February 18:
Ove Thörnqvist - Boogieman blues
Bella & Filippa - Crucified
The Fooo Conspiracy - Gotta thing
Jasmine Kara - Gravity
Robin Bengtsson - I can't go on
Anton Hagman - Kiss you goodbye
Krista Siegfrids - Snurra min jord 
Skellefteå February 25:
Wiktoria - As I lay me down
Les Gordons - Bound to fall
Sara Varga & Juha Mulari - Du får inte ändra på mig
Jon Hendrik Fjällgren  feat Aninia - En värld full av strider
Axel Schylström - När ingen ser
Alice Svensson - Running with lions
Loreen - Statements

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