Friday, November 04, 2016


Or semifinalists. Or how to call them? Anyways, the 12 that made it to the live show on Raiuno on December 12 and six of them will be voted to go all the way to Teatro Ariston in February - and who knows all the way to Kyiv? 
This blogger is rather pleased to see nine songs that I featured earlier to make the cut, and I was about to present also Aprile & Mangiarancina and Maldestro, so the only one I didn't pay any attentio to was The Shalalalas. And I still don't get how they made the cut!
Interesting song titles from The songs hurt you and Things that give you anxiety, Life is an illusion and Nothing is impossible, and so on.... Wild guess for the top six: Grispo, Guasti, Lele, Mirage, Pini and one of Campagna/La Rua/Stain/Valeria...

Aprile & Mangiarancina - Il cielo di Napoli
Carola Campagna - Prima che arrivi il giorno
Chiara Grispo - Niente è impossibile
Francesco Guasti - Universo
Lele - Ora mai
Leo Stain - Ciò che resta
Marianne Mirage - Le canzoni fanno male
The Shalalalas - Difficile
Tommaso Pini - Cose che danno ansia

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