Sunday, November 13, 2016


AreaSanremo finalists have been chosen for the Newcomers section. Getting confused? 
In short: Sanremo's eight Newcomer finalists are chosen via two different paths. Six will come from the open call with their songs, and the 12 finalists will be live on television on December 12 and six of them will proceed to the festival (They are here). 
The remaining two places are reserved for AreaSanremo selection process and the jury will now select two of them to add to the line up. 
Apparently about 600 hopefuls have applied to each selection path. All qualifiers (along with the Big names) will be revealed on the same night in a month. And should the eventual Big winner of the festival decline the ticket to Kyiv, one of these could be going to the Eurovision song contest as well....

Marika Adele (Campisi) - singer-songwriter 
Ylenia Lucisano - has already released on album
Valeria Farinacci - has tried Amici already
(Federico) Braschi  - singer-songwriter, has released one EP and toured the USA
Carmen Alessandrello  - has tried the Voice before
Carlo Bolacchi - singer-songwriter from Sardinia and past in bands
Diego Esposito - has tried X Factor before
Andrea Corona (Andree Basquiat) - has tried X Factor UK before

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