Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Excitement rises in Finland when there's barely 24 hrs before YLE publish the #UMK2017 entries and this time around there seems to be no leaks whatsover and no one literally has a clue what's in store.
Today they have released a teaser with Krista Siegfrids hearing the songs for the first time and her spontaneous and direct reactions and comments...... 

Song 1: Oh, wonderful voice.... I like pop chicks. Modern, fresh, beautiful pop-r'n'b
Song 2: What?! In English and in Finnish?! Oh wow! This is like... pop folk (she's really excited!)
Song 3:Whoa, this started right away, BANG! OMG IS THIS WHO I THINK IT IS???  Help... I need to pause now. This so WTF moment!
Song 4: This sounds so good, such a great groove hey! Gals getting crazy on the dance floor. Ear worm! Ear worm!
Song 5: Now it's sensitive... is this a bit sad? I'm not sure (she's really low key and silent) I think this song could stand out from the rest a lot. This is so different from what I've just heard...
Song 6: (She's dancing) Disco! Ha ha! Gay glam! I like this, ha ha ha!
Song 7: Ok, in Finnish so I don't understand anything I'm fucked. ... ha ha not really.... (silence) Wow! I didn't expect this! This is one of my favorites!
Song 8: A little ROCK! Good vibes! Funny lyrics! Yeah!
Song 9: Beautiful ballad.... what's happening now..... when you are driving a car and this song comes on the radio, it would be wonderful.... 
Song 10: Real good attitude! Like Mmrrrh! Now we're talking. This got balls, POWER, yep!

So, which one are you looking forward the most NOW? :-)


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