Friday, November 25, 2016


Arisa, a fan favorite and self proclaimed Eurovision fan and wannabe, closes a chapter in her career that started by winning the Sanremo newcomers 2009, continued with other Sanremo successes (2nd in 2012, winner in 2014) and many other projects, musical and not, like being one of the X Factor judges. Five albums plus one live album so far. The story continues. Her latest is Una cantante di musica leggere or A singer of light music, with Tricarico. 
Besides being an awesome singer she's known to be a bit cuccoo at times in things she says and does, like doing X Factor when a bit tipsy (Mrs Osborne anyone?), or telling everyone in Sanremo to pop in some pills to feel good....  And of course infamous tweet "Oh fuck! Wrong year!" when she won Sanremo and that was the only time RAI chose internally outside the festival...

1 – Una cantante di musica leggera feat Tricarico
3 – Sincerità
4 – La Notte
8 – Fragili feat Club Dogo
12 – Io sono
13 – Malamorenò
14 – Poi però
17 – Amami
19 – Pace

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