Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Not only Sweden but also Belarus revealed their cards today. Or even more so as their songs are already out for all of us to listen and judge (click the titles). A total of 61 artists were invited for live auditions today in Minsk and later tonight the chosen ones were announced - a lucky 13. Some familiar names among the qualifiers from Naviband to Nuteki and NAPOLI. 

01. Lexy Weaver (Aleksandra Tkach) – Be stronger
02. Kattie – Wild Wind
03. Vladislav Kurasov – Follow the Play
04. Navi band – Historyja majho žyccia
05. Anastasiya Sheverenko – We'll be together
06. PROvokatsiya (Группа PROвокация) – #MYLOVE
07. Nuteki – Take My Heart
08. Nikita Hodas – Voice in my Head
09. Isaac Nightingale – Vadim Kapustin – On The Red Line
10. July – Children of the World
11. NAPOLI – Let's come together
12. LERMONT n JULIC – Heartbeat
13. Angelica Pushnova (Анжелика Пушнова) – We Should Be Together

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