Wednesday, May 06, 2015


YLE has revealed details about its Eurovision 2015 broadcast. First of all Krista Siegfrids will join Valentina Monetta and others as spokesperson and will give out the Finnish votes. The Finnish jury is made of UMK judge, musician and pedagog Aija Puurtinen, radio morning show speaker Laura Haimila, producer-composr Jukka Immonen, lyricist-musician Jukka Eronen aka Aikuinen from UMK 2015 and producer-musician Mikko Pykäri.
The commentators will be two huge Eurovision fans and radio/tv personalities Aino Töllinen and Cristal Snow, who aso took part in the 2008 national final placing third with Can't save me. YLE's Swedish speaking commentators will be Eva Frantz and Johan Lindroos. 
YLE will broadcast all three shows as always and on Saturday May 16th will have a four hour long marathon preview show with various commentators, including Cristal Snow. 

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