Thursday, July 07, 2016


The 2016 is slowly fading away and as soon as we get the new host city and confirmed dates in less than a month the 2017 season starts slowly taking shape. That doesn't stop the rumors, proposals and denies running wild. Several artists, or fans, have already put names ahead in some countries so let's have an excuse to see who we might but propably won't see in Ukraine 2017....
In Greece there are rumors of internal choice and Demy. Her name has appeared in the speculations and wishlists for a few years now. Will it happen this time around after tis year's failure? Her latest is Tha meineis feugontas.
In Montenegro the rumors are about Milena Vučić. She has taken part in the national finals before going solo in 2006 and has festival experience from here and there. Her latest is Gorim.
Ukrainian runner ups Hardkiss have already announced they will be seeking for revenge in 2017. Remember their Helpless, that finished tied first with Jamala in the national final? As Jamala won the televote she went off to Stockholm.....
In The Netherlands the girl trio O'G3NE have been put in the spotlight again. They have already done Junior Eurovision in 2007 and won The Voice of Holland in 2014 as well. Their latest video is Take the money and run.
Also Poland's runner up Margaret has expressed timid wish to try again in 2017. But can she cool down?
Ireland is also doing some soul searching after yet another failure this year. Meanwhile local country singer Nathan Carter seems to be interested in following The Common Linnets and Douwe Bob's success. He's wish is backed by several #1 albums in Ireland. His latest video is Temple Bar.
And if that wasn't enough, in Spain it seems Ruth Lorenzo is prepairing her revenge, too, and getting ready to win it for Spain for once and for good. But then there's also Mirela, still waiting for her big moment....

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