Saturday, July 09, 2016


It's time to dust this series. And we start with Craig David's 2000 release Born to do it.
This album was a bit of a revolution for me. I hardly knew what 2-step garage was and didn't care for that so much, but the album's r'n'b, electrobeat and simply great melodies conquered me. I loved his voice, the sound and the arrangements and the album delivered hit after hit in the charts. Craig was still in his teens when this his debut was released and he wrote these songs. Before he had already hit the #2 with Artful Dodger and Re-Rewind (The crowd say Bo Selecta) and #6 with Woman trouble. His first solo singles Fill me in and 7 Days went to #1, Walking away #3 and Rendez vous  #8. The album was re-released in the US including also fabulous Key to your heart
The album sold over 8 million worldwide (over 1,8 million in the UK alone), making it one of the best selling r'n'b albums by an UK artist. It also debuted at #1 in the UK charts becoming the fastest selling debut album by an UK male artist ever. It sold 4 x platinum in Australia and platinum in New Zealand, and making it to #1 in Denmark, the Netherlands, Ireland, Malaysia and Sweden besides UK, with Top-5 finish in Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Norway. A total of 22 platinum records, including one from the US with over one million albums sold.
Craig followed his career with four more albums each being less succesful than the previous one, while with each album he had more muscle until the skinny teenager had become pretty much unrecognizable lookwise. The good news is he's back with new collaborations and a new album coming up later this year. One more time? Who am I? Nothing like this

Walking away new versions: Italian (with Nek) - German with Monrose - French with Lynssha - Spanish with Alex Ubado
Reborn to do it?

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