Thursday, July 14, 2016


A total of 23 national OGAE clubs have submitted their entry from a national final to the OGAE Second Chance, the longest running OGAE competition (since 1987). A lot of runner ups, but also other choices by the fans, like Italy that picks up Patty Pravo (68) who placed only 6th in Sanremo. 
Italy won last year with Sanremo's runner up Nek and Fatti avanti amore and therefor organizes this year's contest. The club members are voting their favorites during this summer and by sometime late summer/fall we should have a winner. If this blogger picked up the entries out of these 23 there would be maybe 7 only.... I would have went for different songs :-) But that's the beauty of Eurovision. We agree to disagree on everything :-)
Below is the Youtube playlist for all the entries. 
Belgium: Tom Frantzis – I’m not lost (2nd)
Belarus: NAPOLI – My universe (2nd)
Ukraine: The Hardkiss – Helpless (2nd)
Albania: Besa Krasniqi – Liroje zemrën (unplaced)
Malta: Brooke – Golden (2nd)
United kingdom: Bianca – Shine a litte light (unplaced)
Lithuania: Erica Jennings – Leading me home (2nd)
Italy: Patty Pravo – Cieli immensi (6th)
Hungary (Rest of the World): Kállay Saunders Band – Who we are (Top 4)
Sweden: Wiktoria – Save me (4th)
Denmark: Anja Nissen – Never alone (2nd)
Austria: Elly V – I’ll be around (2nd)
Latvia: MyRadiantU – We will be stars (3rd)
Switzerland: Vincent Gross – Half a smle (3rd)
Norway: The Hungry Hearts feat. Lisa Dillan – Laika (unplaced)
Slovenia: Raiven – Črno bel (2nd)
Estonia: Laura – Supersonic (2nd)
Finland: Mikael Saari – On it goes (3rd)
Israel: Ella Daniel – Somebody out there (3rd)
Romania: Florena – Behind the shadows (3rd)
Poland: Margaret – Cool me down (2nd)
Germany: Avantasia – Mystery of a blood red rose (3rd)
Spain: María Isabel – La vida sólo es una (4th)

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