Friday, July 22, 2016


Alice and Franco Battiato have been touring all over Italy this year with their completely sold out tour that will end July 30 in the famous Greek theater of Taormina in Sicily. Now when the second leg of the tour - after an early summer break - is in full swing it is announced there will be also a live album - and most likely also a DVD - of the tour to be released later this year.
But that is not all: Alice slipped in an interview there have been also talk about a joint studio album with new material to be recorded some time in the future. How cool would that be?! Their musical history is very much linked to each other with some duets and Alice covering many Battiato songs and songs Battiato has written for her over the deecades. But a duet album would be something new and oh, so awesome!
But more certain seems a new album by Alice to be recorded next. It seems to be a very personal cover album of songs that have ment much to her in her life. Whatever it is, it's worth the wait!
Alice returned after 14 years with a studio album of unreleased tracks in 2012 (Samsara) and then again in 2014 (Weekend) following the 1998 album Exit. Franco Battiato on the other hand has been very productive with all sort of albums always. His latest is last year's compilation box (3 cds or 6 cd + 4 dvd) covering all aspects of his creativity. Despite that kind of "testament" it seems he's nowhere near the end of his career.... 

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