Saturday, July 09, 2016


NTU has received six bids to host the Eurovision song contest 2017 in Ukraine, altogether six different cities and seven arenas. The NTU working group will now review the proposals and ideas before they will be officially presented, and by July 22 they should have picked up two cities and venues for the final selection and the announcement where it will be should be done in a press conference on August 1 after the committee, NTU and EBU have carefully considered both the final bids.
Official bids where and how by Dnipro, Kherson and Odessa are yet to be made public, but Kharkiv comes forward with Metalist Oblast Sports Comples (capacity of 40.000), but it lacks the roof that must be constructed before it is usable for the Eurovision. 
Kiev proposes Palace of Sports (capacity 10.000), the very venue of 2005 Eurovision song contest. Their problem is it is now considered dated and too small, plus it will be hosting part of the Ice Hockey World Championships games between April 22-28, 2017. On the other hand if the Eurovision dates are moved to the end of May, as it seems, this won't be propably a problem anymore. 
Finally we have Lviv that comes with two venues to choose: first Arena Lviv (capacity 35.000). However, also this one requires the construction of the roof. The second option is an unfinished arena planned for the EuroBasket 2015, that Ukraine had to give up in summer 2014 due to the political situation in the country. The arena was about 25% ready at the time and apparently has remained so, and should be now built ready over the coming months if chosen.
Update: Odessa goes with Chernomorets Stadium. It needs to have a roof beuilt and they have already contacted constructors for the job. The Red Carpet, EuroVillage and all the rest would be in the Arcadia area just at the shore of the Black Sea's touristic hotspot. Sounds pretty good. 
Update: Dnipro proposes Sports Palace Meteor. It's a former ice palace with the capacity of 5.000 at the moment. 
This is going to be one interesting decision to wait for as there seems to be no obvious choice...... I'm still #teamLviv2017 :-)
Update: The bids will be presented in a two hour show on television and radio on July 20 with experts, fans, musicians and media people having opportunity to say what they think about them. The decision however which two will go to the final battle will not made public yet. 

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