Friday, July 22, 2016


Surprise! Instead of two finalists we have three! EBU will check out these three and the final decision will be announced noon on July 27.

Palace of Sports (capacity 9800). Hosted ESC 2005 and JESC 2009. Needs major renovation.
Needs to deal with the World Ice Hockey championships who are not planning to move away. Let's see how this ends.
NSC Olympiyskiy stadium will host the EuroClub and the press center. Eurovision Village will feature all regions of Ukraine and be in Troiska Square near the NSC Olympiyskiy. All these three locations are very close.
The Red Carpet will take place at Sofiyska Square, that will be also one of the fan zone with Kontraktova, Mikhailivieska, Poshtova and beforementioned Troiska square.
Closing party at the museum complex Mystetskyi Arsenal.
The most political bid with motto "Dnipro, a city that stopped the Russian spring".
DniproEuroArena aka Meteor (capacity of 9.500)
Press center and Euroclub at nearby at the Meteor complex.
Eurovision Village in the city center at Heroes of Maiden Square. The second fan zone possibly on Festival Pier.
Chernomorets stadium (capacity 34.000). Needs to have a roof built "the Copenhagen 2001" way. It could later be moved away and used as EXPO center for 10.000-12.000 people.
The Red Carpet at the Opera Theater or the Arcadia Alley that leads to Black Sea.
EuroClub obtions are three: Quarantine arcade, Green theater in Central Park and Spartak stadium. All are open air.
Eurovision Village options beforementioned Central Park or Primorskiy Boulevard.

Lviv, Kharkiv and Kherson are out of the race.

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