Saturday, July 23, 2016


We already know Carola has been several times in Greece, and in the island of Kos especially helping the incoming refugees. She has also helped those who have managed to make their way to Sweden by giving them shelter in her home. She had met those 10 Iraqi and Ugandan christian refugees in Kos and given them her address telling them to look her up if they get to Sweden. One day they were at her door and true to her word she welcomed them to her house. 
Now she tells it hasn't all been so easy. 
Once she got in trouble by trying to stop some people stealing the incoming boat's engine. Long story short she  managed to get it back from thieves and they got very angry at her. She jumped to her car and was driving away with eight refugees through the village seeking help from the local police. Instead she and those Pakistani refugees were all jailed! The thieves in question who hunted her all the way to the station blamed Carola for taking money from the refugees to help them while she was reporting the thieves were stealing their motor. Once she raised her voice to protest off to the prison she was sent. (Well, we all know she's got some pipes on her!) Thankfully it was a question of hours only before she was released. Talk about Greek drama!
But she's drawn to drama it seems. Once in South Africa local people were accusing her of stealing Zoe, her adopted daughter. Once again she was seeking help from police but they also thought she wasn't so angelic until Zoey called out for her as "mummy!" From now on she certainly remembers to keep her adoption documents with her..... 
And that's just some of the things she shared with Swedish television interview this weekend.....

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